Phil Rae Product Manager, Product Designer, Solution Architect

An experienced Senior Product Manager, Product Designer and Solution Architect of high-value, mission-critical tech projects in the FinTech, EdTech, and web/app development fields. A specialist in bringing effective user experience (UX) conventions to products through promoting user-centred insight, planning, design, and research strategies.

I work with businesses in any industry to help them put their users first; advising them on how to explore and apply user-centred design (UCD) principles and strategies to their products and services.

To find out how I can help your business, get in touch with me through email or LinkedIn; or read on to find out more about what I do and the projects I’ve worked on.


  • Over 10 years of senior manager experience in Head of Product and Product Manager roles.
  • Experience of working directly with key stakeholders, clients, designers and software engineers over the full SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle).
  • Experience of representing Product in a dual-track agile process, including backlog grooming, sprint planning, stand-ups, and retrospectives.
  • Experience of running product strategy and conceptualisation workshops with key stakeholders, to build product roadmaps and define product objectives and requirements.
  • Experience of REST and RPC APIs; both designing bespoke internal and public-facing APIs (e.g. for JS-based UIs, analytics logging), and working with external supplier APIs (e.g. payment processors, shipping handling, currency exchange, property listing, CMS and CRM integrations).
  • E-commerce experience of developing new stores from conceptualisation to launch; and taking ownership of existing stores for management and improvement.
  • Strong knowledge of achieving efficiency gains and improving UX in serving web applications by improvements to database queries, caching, and image format manipulation.
  • Effective at producing User Stories to a low-level with accompanying UI designs and well-defined acceptance criteria; capable of being used directly by a software development team.
  • Experience of planning and undertaking both qualitative and quantitative user research; using data and metrics to provide insights and to back-up assumptions and recommendations that drive product improvements.
  • Dual designer and developer knowledge that provides a unique point-of-view on how design decisions can influence the cost of building and maintaining a software product.
  • Highly proficient in the use of Adobe Illustrator for UI design and Adobe XD and InVision for wireframing and interactive prototype creation and demonstration.
  • 14 years of hands-on web development experience using LAMP-stack technologies. Highly proficient in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL (including database design and normalisation).
  • Actively look to develop skills and knowledge, particularly in the UX field, by keeping up-to-date with latest industry blogs, attending tech demonstration events, and undertaking training courses.

Who I've worked with

The following is just a shortlist of some of the companies I have worked with.

  • InLinkUK logo
  • B2E Technologies logo
  • BT logo
  • Fox Collective logo
  • Unilever logo
  • Zappit logo
  • Primesight logo
  • F&F logo
  • Medistudents logo

See the Projects page for a more in-depth look at my involvement in a select number of projects.

Have a project you want to chat about?

To find out how I can help your business, get in touch with me by email or through my LinkedIn profile.

I am based in London UK, and love a face-to-face meeting or chat on the phone to discuss your project’s goals.

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